How to Speak Russian in 30 lessons

How to Speak Russian in 30 lessons

The fast Russian course from everyone is talking about

So I thought how much time does it really take to learn to speak Russian language? Someone might say it depends for most people. I agree with that.
But I wanted to be more practical in my approach. So I decided to make a Russian course 'How to Speak Russian in 30 lessons' the completion of which will make you an intermediate Russian learner. Sounds exciting? I hope so. So these Russian lessons will start from the basics to the more advanced material. There will be Russian audio lessons, video lessons, quizzes and many other exersizes to help you start to speak Russian as fast as possible. I figure I'll be uploading these lessons once per week so if you keep following me I can guarantee you'll learn to speak Russian in just 12 months. There's always room for improvement of course. The more efforts you apply the better results you get. Learning to speak Russian language is just like learning anything else. The most important thing is to understand the basics / fundamentals of what you're trying to learn. Good luck!

Russian lesson  - greetings in RussianHere is the first lesson in the Russian course How to speak Russian in 30 lessons. Let's start with the basics and then move on to something more advanced. So here I present Russian Lesson One. I know you have probably come across most of the Russian words from this lesson already but it could be helpful to some. Like they say - Practice makes perfect !

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what are you doing?Урок Русского 3 Russian Lesson.

What do you do for a living? Чем вы занимаетесь?

Let's continue to learn to speak Russian, shall we? In this lesson we'll talk about occupations and learn the relevant vocabulary. Throughout our lives we may engage in different occupations depending on our age and interests - first we go to kindergarten - детский сад, then school - школа, university - университет. When we graduate we may take a position at a company - компания, become a statesman - чиновник, a soldier - солдат, a professional sportsman - спортсмен, or a musician- музыкант and so on. We'll learn the essential vocabulary and listen to a number of dialogs that will help you learn the ready-to-use phrases. In the Grammar section we'll take a look at the present tense of Russian verbs, gender and number of nouns and more. Готовы? Вперёд!

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Russian Lesson 4 Русский Урок

russian lesson - speak russianWhere do you live? Где вы живёте?

We continue to learn to speak Russian. We don't stop, do we? In this lesson we'll talk about geography, countries and nationalities. You'll learn how to say which country you come from, what language you speak and what nationality you are. In the Grammar part we'll learn gender and number of Russian adjectives, and the past tense of Russian verbs. Готовы? Вперёд!

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In this lesson we'll talk about best ways to learn a foreign language and also how to choose presents for your friends, learn a lot of useful vocabulary and practice with Russian pronunciation. In thу Grammar section we'll learn the past tense of Russian verbs. From lessons 1-4 you already know how to say which country you come from, which language you speak and what nationality you are. Готовы? Вперёд! 

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Russian lesson. Introducing yourself in RussianIn this lesson I'll teach you how to introduce yourself and have an interesting conversation with your friends. In the Grammar section we'll learn the Past and Future tenses of Russian verbs and prepositional case of Russian nouns. Normally when having a conversation you talk about your job/business, family and future plans. So we'll cover most of these topics in this lesson and learn lots of useful expressions.  

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