How to Speak Russian in 30 lessons

The fast Russian course from everyone is talking about

So I thought how much time does it really take to learn to speak Russian language? Someone might say it depends for most people. I agree with that.
But I wanted to be more practical in my approach. So I decided to make a Russian course 'How to Speak Russian in 30 lessons' the completion of which will make you an intermediate Russian learner. Sounds exciting? I hope so. So these Russian lessons will start from the basics to the more advanced material. There will be Russian audio lessons, video lessons, quizzes and many other exersizes to help you start to speak Russian as fast as possible. I figure I'll be uploading these lessons once per week so if you keep following me I can guarantee you'll learn to speak Russian in just 12 months. There's always room for improvement of course. The more efforts you apply the better results you get. Learning to speak Russian language is just like learning anything else. The most important thing is to understand the basics / fundamentals of what you're trying to learn. Good luck!
In this section you can learn the modern Russian language from the short language podcasts of Russian and world news. Staying tuned to the News from Russia is a very good way to learn the culture and politics, economics and the people of Russia while studying the language.

Russian Words and Phrases

In this section let's learn some Russian words and phrases in a very entertaining way with pictures and grammar notes and tables.