Let's start your 1st lesson- GREETINGS and learn to greet people in Russian!

The most typical greetings in Russian are :

  • Привет  - Hi
  • Приветик (mostly used by girls) - Hi
  • Здравствуйте - Hello (official)
  • Also you can use parts of the day to greet people:
  • Доброе утро! - Good Morning!
  • Добрый день!  - Good Afternoon!
  • Добрый вечер! - Good Evening!

Some very informal ones:

  • Здрасте (short from Здравствуйте)
  • Здорово! - What's up!

 It's a good thing to ask people how they're doing:


  • Как у вас дела? - How are you?
  • Как вы поживаете? - How are you doing?
  • Какие у вас новости? - What's going on?
  • Чем вы занимались? - What have you been up to?


  • Как у тебя дела? - How are you?
  • or simply  - Как дела? - How are you?
  • Как поживаешь? - How are you doing?
  • Какие новости? - What's going on?
  • Чем занимался? Чем занималась? Чем занимались?(if addressing more than one) - What have you been up to?

very informal (mostly among teenagers):

  • Как оно? How's it going?

Asking about your friend's family :

  • Как семья? - How's your family?
  • Как родители? - How are your parents?
  • And about other things:
  • Как бизнес? - How's business?
  • Как здоровье? How is your health?
  • If you haven't met your friend for a lot time you might say:
  • Сколько лет, сколько зим! Haven't seen you for ages!

Some funny replies to typical questions:

  • Как дела? - Пока не родила!  - How are you? I haven't delivered the baby yet (makes no sense but it rhymesSmile)
  • Здорово! - Здоровей видали!  - Hello! - We've seen bigger! (здорово is similar to здоровый which means big, powerful, strong, mighty)
  • ok now you can watch the video and practice
  • more to come ... comments appreciated






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