Russian Lessons for Beginners

My Russian Lessons for Beginners will surely help you learn Russian online faster than ever! I'm planning to make a number of Russian lessons for beginners here so that you could be pretty confident in starting a conversation in Russian language with anybody and understanding the basics. The video lessons that I put out are going to get better with time as I get more professional. So for now watch the videos and have fun! I always appreciate comments and new ideas and suggestions))

Learn Russian Pronunciation

Russian pronunciation  

Learn Russian ABC

Russian ABC  

Russian Lesson 1 - Russian Greetings

Russian greetings  

Russian Lesson 2 - Russian Pronouns

Russian pronouns  

Russian Lesson 3 - Colors in Russian

Color names in Russian  

Russian Lesson 4 - Russian Numerals

Russian numerals  

Russian Lesson 5 - Learn Time in Russian (Days, months and seasons)

Russian time, months, days  

Russian Lesson 6 - How to tell time in Russian

How  to tell time in Russian  

Russian Lesson 7 - Most Common Russian Verbs

Most common Russian Verbs 2

Most common Russian verbs 3

Russian verbs  

Russian Lesson 8 - Most Common Russian Verbs - Past Tense

Past tense od Russian verbs  


Russian Lesson 9 - Most Common Russian Verbs - Future Tense

Russian verbs  

Russian Lesson 10 - Countries and Nationalities

Learn countries and nationalities in Russian  

Russian Lesson 11 - Learning Russian - Useful vocabulary

Russian words  

Russian Lesson 12 - A typical day in the life of a Russian office worker

Russian lesson office worker  

Russian lesson 13 - Wild animals

wild animals  

Russian Lesson 14 - My family

Russian family - words  

Russian Lesson 15 - Compliments in Russian!


Russian Lesson 16 - A typical day in the life of a Russian student


Russian lesson 17 - Numerals and more


Russian Lesson 18 - Russian Phrases 1


Russian Lesson 19 - Russian Phrases 2


Russian Lesson 20 - Russian Phrases 3

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