beachNew Russian Word for September 11th, 2009

Word for Today: to rest / to have a good time - отдыхать
отдыхать - to rest / to have a good time / to party / to take a break (basically anything that is not related to work)
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Like all verbs отдыхать changes by person in the present tense

Я отдыхаю
Вы отдыхаете
Ты отдыхаешь
Мы отдыхаем
Он/она/оно отдыхает
Они отдыхают

Past tense forms change by gender:

отдыхал, отдыхала, отдыхали

Future tense forms:
буду отдыхать (compound), отдохну (simple formed with perfective form)

Imperative forms:

Отдыхай! Отдыхайте! / Не отдыхай! Не отдыхайте!
(Relax! Take a break !/Don't relax! Don't take a break !
In slang отдыхай could mean Get lost!
Отдохни! Отдохните! / -
(Take a break!Relax/ - same thing as отдыхай, but 'не отдохни!' is not used.

Different forms :
perfective translation example



(single action)

to rest, take a break,

relax, have a good time

Я отдыхаю с друзьями.

I'm partying with friends.

Ну как ты отдохнул?

So did you have a good time?

related words:

Отдых - rest, vacation
Отдыхающий - someone who is on vacation


Отдыхать - не работать - Resting is nothing like working (normally used to pick up lazy boys)

Real life examples :