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Russian lessons for intermediate students

This series of Russian lessons are for those of you who already have the basics of Russian and would like to learn more. Hope you find the lessons easy to learn and helpful. I'm planning to make around 30 lessons here so that you could be pretty confident in starting a conversation in Russian with anybody and understanding the basics. Learn Russian and good luck!

Russian Lesson - Train trip in Russia

train trip in Russia

Russian Lesson - Russian Cuisine

Russian Cuisine

Russian Lesson - Winter Fun in Russia

winter fun in Russia lesson

Russian Lesson - Russian AutumnRussian Lesson - Russian Autumn

fall in russia

Russian Lesson - Winter Fun in Russia / part 2

winter fun in Russia

Russian Lesson - Plane flight in Russia

plane flight in Russia
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winter fun in RussiaRussian Lesson  - Winter fun in Russia

Урок русского - Зима в России




 At the end of the video you will enjoy a beautiful snowy lift ride which I filmed when I went mountain skiing near the city of Nizhny Tagil.  All the vocabulary used should be understood easily nad I encourage you to repeat after me aloud(when no one is aroundLaughing). I love winter and winter activities and sports like skiing , skating and such. So I hope this video is fun and helpful  to learn Russian. Let me know what you think! Remember to learn Russian everyday.  Учите русский каждый день! Smile
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Russian Lesson  - Winter fun in Russia - Ice City

Урок русского - Зима в России - Ледяной городок

winter fun in Russia -  Russian lesson

Today I present tp you another fun-to-learn Russian lesson for intermediate students with me narrating over the video with english and Russian subtitles for you to see. In this Russian Lesson we'll talk about Night Yekaterinburg and the Ice city - something unique we have in our city. A short tour of night Yekaterinburg in the winter time. Remember to learn Russian everyday.  Учите русский каждый день! Smile


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AutumnIntermediate Russian Lesson  -  Autumn



Summer is gone. Autumn has come. The season rotation never stops. So I thought it was a good idea to make a lesson about this beautiful season of the year. Autumn is Russian is Осень. Trees have lost their leaves and it started snowing. Days are becoming shorter and nights longer. It is getting colder. The Sun isn't as warm as it used to be...




In this lesson I used some footage I recorded earlier in October at my grandmother's Dacha/ Summer house (in Russian we call it Дача or Сад). It's a great place to spend time during summer months and a great opportunity for the elderly people to engage themselves in some gardening jobs.

For this lesson we'll have to learn some useful phrases :

Осень - autumn
Дерево - a tree
Листья - leaves
Сезон - season
Снег - snow
Дождь - rain
Град - hail
Унылая пора - a sas/ depressing timeУченики - pupils / students
1 сентября - День знаний - 1st of September is the Day of Knowledge

Now go ahead and watch today's lesson on Autumn!




Now Take the Quiz!


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Learning Russian language is easy and interesting. You can learn Russian online using video and audio lessons. Besides the language learn more about Russia.  Get registered, make some friends while studying to share helpful tips on learning Russian. The best way to learn Russian is to start to speak it first. Grammar is important and trust me it will come with time. You can learn to speak Russian phrases with 'How to speak Russian in 30 lessons" course. Speak Russian words and practice your writing skills in Blog and Forum.