Russian letter Ё

Russian Letter Ё






The Supreme Court of Russia supported the Russian people who were tired of going through the bureaucracy so many times because of the letter Ё in their first, last or middle names. From now on the letter Ё is equal to the letter Е in people's names. nike dunk high black leather chair for sale | Nike React Element 87

According to "Российская газета" (Russia's Newspaper) letter Ё caused a lot of additional difficulties when issuing documents or sending out pension payments. So from now on Соловьёв and Соловьев is one and the same last name.

Approximately as many as 3% of Russia's population have letter Ё in their names which makes it about 2,500 last names.
Letter "ё" is not the only questionable letter of the Russian alphabet. Sooner or later letter Й could have the same fate.
Foto : a monument to the letter Ё in Ulyanovsk