Russian TransportationNew Russian Word for September 23th, 2009

Word for Today: transportation - транспорт

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The word транспорт is uncountable so there is no plural form.

Like all nouns транспорт changes by cases

Case Single
Nominative транспорт
Genetive транспорта
Dative транспорту
Accusative транспорт
Instrumental транспортом
Prepositional о транспорте

related words:

транспортировать - to relocate, to transport

транспортники - (colloquial) people working in the city's transport system



городской транспорт - city transportation

муниципальный транспорт - municipal transportation

общественный транспорт - public transportation

city transportation

City Transportation

city transport

воздушный транспорт - air transportation

air transportation

водный транспорт -  water transportation

речной транспорт -  river transportation

морской транспорт - sea transportation

sea transport

Water transport

water transport

железнодорожный транспорт - railroad transportation

railroad transportation

railroad transport

транспортная компания - a transport/ delivering company

транспортные услуги - transportation/devivering services

пользоваться общественным транспортом - to use public transportation

ехать / ездить на общественном транспорте - to travel by public transport

cityt transport