Russian Words

Russian Words and Phrases

In this section let's learn some Russian words and phrases in a very entertaining way with pictures and grammar notes and tables. 

beachNew Russian Word for September 11th, 2009

Word for Today: to rest / to have a good time - отдыхать
отдыхать - to rest / to have a good time / to party / to take a break (basically anything that is not related to work)

begai_New Russian Word for September 10th, 2009

Word for Today: to run - бегать
бегать - to run (another form of which is бежать (one-direction) however бегать means a repeated action)

chinaSo I thought it was a good idea to post a new Russian word every day Smile

New Russian Word Every Day

Word for Today: to sleep - спать Read more ...

Russian talk show - Пусть говорят!New Russian Word for September 9th, 2009

Word for Today: to talk - говорить Read more ...