The Person is a grammatical category of the Verb indicating the doer of the action. It only exists in the future and present tenses of the indicative mood.

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1st Person 2nd Person 3rd Person
The doer of the action is the speaker and whoever is with him The doer of the action is the person who is being talked to and whoever might be with him/her The doer of the action is someone not participating in the conversation or an object
Я говорю с женой. Мы съездим в Бельгию / I am talking to my wife. We will go to Belgium. Ты работаешь. Вы полетите. / You're working. You will fly. Он строгий учитель. Оно объявит себя банкротом. / He's a strict teacher. It will claim bankruptcy.


Different person gategories have different endings:


Personal endings of Verbs
1st Conjugation 2nd Conjugation
Person Singular Plural Singular Plural
1st -у(-ю) -ем -у(-ю) -им
Я леч. Я рису-ю Мы организу-ем встречу. Я не кур-ю. Мы не кур-им.
I'm flying/ I'm drawing. We'll arrange a meeting. I don't smoke We don't smoke.
2nd -ешь -ете -ишь -ите
Ты пь-ешь.Ты съ-ешь. Вы танцу-ете. Ты кур-ишь? Вы здесь не кур-ите!
You're drinking/ You will eat. You're dancing. Do you smoke? You don't smoke in here!
3rd -ет -ут(-ют) -ит -ат(-ят)
Он по-ет. Она раст-ет. Они вр-ут и не красне-ют. Он кур-ит или нет? Там они кур-ят.
He's singing/ She's growing They're lying and not even blushing. So does he smoke or not? They're smoking there