shrovetideAt the end of February till the beginning of March, a week before the Lent (Великий пост), they celebrate Shrovetide (Масленица). This is the only authentic Slavic holiday that didn't get affected by anything and that still had some traits of heathendom - they cook pancakes that resemble the Sun - and tell you about the coming Summer. Among traditions of Shrovetide week - ice slides/hills going, riding colorfully decorated with carpets sledges (сани), singing songs and family partying. The culmination of the Shrovetide week is the farewell to the Shrovetide - the burning of a saw dummy of Shrovetide dressed in old clothes as a symbol of the Winter funeral of everything that has passes away and of the birth of everything new and full of strenth. bridge media | Mens Flynit Trainers