The Accusative vs the Nominative case 


In this lesson let's study some Russian Grammar aspects - Russian cases. I know that cases cause a lot of confusion to many. So in this lesson I decided to compare head to head the Nominative and the Accusative cases.  Watch the two video lessons and take the quiz at the end of this lesson. You can also download and print out the Grammar tables.   

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Watch the first Part.



Watch the second Part.





And now take a test on Accusative and Nominative cases

  1. Она увидела...

    a. я
    b. меня
    c. мне
    d. мой


  2. Is this accusative or nominative case? :  Это солдаты.

    a. Accusative.
    b. Nominative.


  3. Я хочу купить...

    a. мороженое
    b. мороженого


  4. Вы слышали про...   

    a. него?
    b. его?
    c. он?


  5. Я спросил...

    a. его
    b. него
    c. он


  6. Я люблю спорт. & Это красивый спорт.

    a. Both nominative
    b. Both accusative
    c. 1st nominative, 2nd accusative
    d. 1st accusative, 2nd nominative


  7. Мы заказали...

    a. компьютеры.
    b. компьютеров.


  8. Бегают по улице..

    a. собак.
    b. собаки.
    c. собака.


  9. Они ждут 

    a. их.
    b. них.
    c. они.


  10. Neuter nouns don't change in the accusative.

    a. Correct.
    b. Wrong.


Did you do well?


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