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Привет, друзья! Hello, friends!

Thanks for visiting My name is Vyacheslav and I will be your online Russian tutor.  I find it fun and rewarding to help people worldwide to study Russian and learn more about Russia's culture, lifestyle and traditions.

My mission

My mission is to make it fun and easy for people from around the globe to learn Russian language online and get a better understanding of the culture of Russia and other Russian-speaking countries, their traditions, economy, culture, music, cuisine, history and more.

So what's the best way to learn Russian you wonder?

The best way of course and the fastest one is to move to Russia or marry a Russian)). Apart from that I'd recomment to concentrate on Russian video and audio lessons on a daily basis and to always repeat after the speaker to master Russian pronunciation and the fluency that will allow you to start speaking Russian and would really motivate you to study further. Grammar is important but it will come with time.

Here you will find plenty of great materials to learn Russian. It will have 3 major sections of video lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners and later for professional use. There's also a Grammar section where you will find articles on Russian Grammar explained in a simple way with quizzes to test your knowledge level.

The goal of this language website is to help people learn Russian and to become Number One Website for Learning Russian Language online!

It will be updated on a daily basis, hopefullySmile. Among other features you will find video & audio lessons, forum, blog,  useful and interesting information about Russia traveling and much more. I've recently started working on some videos.  I would really appreciate some comments and suggestions.

Итак, с чего начнём? So what do we start with?

If you're a beginner I suggest you go to Russian Lessons for Beginners first to start with the basics.

Russian lessons for beginners

If you're an intermediate Russian learner go to Russian Intermediate Lessons.

Intermediate Russian Lessons

'How to Speak Russian in 30 lessons'. Russian course

Speak Russian in 30 lessons

That is a really fast-to-learn Russian language course. Once you're through with it you can visit other sections. I'm working on Russian lessons for beginners and intermediate at this time. So there's really not that much to choose from for those who are advanced at Russian already. Wait a bit. You can also follow me and other learners of this website in Blog section and you practice blogging in Russian too, that will be a lot of fun to learn about other people everyday lives and countries they live in.

Also learn Russian Grammar.

There's a lot of good articles on Russian parts of speech and more.

You are welcome to suggest any topics that you want to be covered here. Send me Personal Messages or send me an email at russianplus @ gmail . com (delete the blanks). Also contact me if you're experiencing problems with registering.

If you like this website help more learners find us))  I also urge everybody to spead the word about this website on your blogs or websites so that more people can find us.

So once again, welcome

Welcome - Добро пожаловать!

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