Russian lesson  - greetings in RussianHere is the first lesson in the Russian course How to speak Russian in 30 lessons. Let's start with the basics and then move on to something more advanced. So here I present Russian Lesson One. I know you have probably come across most of the Russian words from this lesson already but it could be helpful to some. Like they say - Practice makes perfect !

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How to speak Russian in 30 lessons. Lesson 1.

Вопросы общения. Communication issues.

Вступление. Introduction.

You start a conversation by saying hello and end it by saying goodbye. These expressions are used in almost every conversational situation so it really helps to learn these Russian greetings, at least the ones used most frequently. In this lesson let us learn how to use Russian greetings, say goodbye, make an inquiry, apologize, and make requests.

Please note, in Russian language there are two ways to address people: formal (вы) and informal (ты). You will learn to intuitively choose the right one based on how close you are to the person you're speaking with, your age difference, formal or casual setting, and how long you've known this or that person.

You will find that young people would use the informal ты most often when speaking with each other, and вы when speaking with adults.

It's ok to address children and teenagers using ты. Adults typically use the formal вы when they first meet or when they're in a formal setting and use ты when speaking with friends and relatives. However in a formal/business situation вы addressing is mandatory.

In my upcoming lessons we'll learn how to introduce yourself to others and get acquainted.

Слова этого урока. Words for this lesson.

  • Здравствуй! - Hello! (ты-form)
  • Здравствуйте! - Hello! (вы-form)
  • Привет! - Hi!
  • Доброе утро! - Good morning!
  • Добрый день! - Good afternoon!
  • Добрый вечер! - Good evening!
  • Очень рад тебя видеть! - I'm very glad to see you. (masculine)
  • Очень рада вас (тебя) видеть! - I'm very glad to see you.
  • Я тоже рад тебя видеть - I'm glad to see you too
  • Тоже - also
  • Очень - very
  • Как дела? - How are you?
  • Как ваши дела? - How are you? (вы-form)
  • Как твои дела? - How are you? (ты-form)
  • Как поживаете? How are you? (вы-form; literally : How are you living?)
  • Как поживаешь? How are you? (ты-form; literally : How are you living?)
  • Ну, рассказывай, как дела - So tell me how you've been /tell me what's up
  • Отлично! - Excellent! Great!
  • Прекрасно! - Wonderful!
  • Лучше всех! Better than anyone.
  • Хорошо - Good
  • Нормально - Good (not perfect but I can't complain)
  • Все в порядке - Everything is well.
  • Ничего. - Not bad.
  • Плохо. - Bad
  • До свидания - Goodbye
  • До встречи -  See you later
  • До  завтра - See you tomorrow
  • Пока -  Bye
  • Спасибо - Thank you
  • Пожалуйста - You're welcome
  • Извините - Excuse me (вы -form)
  • Извини - Excuse me (ты- form)
  • Ничего. - No problem
  • Можно...? - Is it possible...?
  • Пожалуйста  - Please


  • Здорово!  - What's up! (used among male teenagers and adults)
  • Как оно? How's it going? (used among teenagers)
  • Здрасьте! (short for Здравствуйте!)



Dialogs. Диалоги

Listen, repeat and read aloud.

1. Conversation between two colleagues.

  • -Привет, Андрей! Hello Andrey!
  • Привет , Наташа! Hello Natasha!
  • -Как дела? How are you?
  • -Спасибо, хорошо. А как твои дела? Good, thanks! And how are you?
  • Тоже хорошо. I'm good too.
  • До свидания! -Goodbye!
  • До свидания! -Goodbye!

2. Conversation between two good friends over the phone.

-Алло! Hello!

-Алло, это Юра? Hello! Is this Yura?

-Да, это я. Привет,  Витя это ты? Yes, it's me. Hi,  Vitya, is it you?

-Да, я. Как дела? Yes, it's me. How are you?

-Нормально. А как твои дела? Fine.  And how are you doing?

-Ничего. Not bad.

-Пока. Bye.

-Созвонимся! Call you later.

3. Conversation between two friends.

- Добрый день, Катя!  Good afternoon, Katya!

-Добрый день, Лена! Очень рада тебя видеть! Good afternoon, Lena! Very glad to see you.

-Я тоже! Me too.

Как твои дела? How are you?

Спасибо, хорошо. А твои? Good, thanks. And you?

Тоже. Me too.

Пока! Bye!

Пока! Bye

4. Formal conversation.

Добрый вечер, Дмитрий Андреевич! Good Evening, Dmitry Andreevich!

Добрый вечер, Сергей Анатольевич! Good Evening, Sergey Anatolyevich!

Рад вас видеть! I'm glad to see you.

Я тоже. Glad to see you too.

Как ваши дела? How are you?

Спасибо, отлично! А ваши? Excellent, thanks. And you?

Спасибо, все в порядке. Everything is well, thanks.

5. Conversation between teenagers.

Привет,Рома! Hi, Roma!

Здорова, Саша! Hi, Sasha!

Ну, рассказывай, как дела. Чем занимаешься? So tell me what's up.  What are you doing?

Все нормально! Я читаю газету. А у тебя как дела? Everything is good. I'm reading a newspaper.  And how are you?

Тоже нормально. Also fine.

Пока. Bye.

До завтра. See you tomorrow.

6. Conversation between a student and a teacher.

- Добрый день, Леонид Юрьевич! Good afternoon, Leonid Yurievuch!

Добрый день, Юра! Очень рад вас видеть! Good afternoon, Yura! I'm very glad to see you.

Спасибо.  Как ваши дела, Леонид Юрьевич? Thanks. How are you Leonid Yurievich?

Спасибо,  хорошо, а ваши? Good, thanks. And you?

Тоже хорошо. Good too.

До свидания. Goodbye.

До завтра. See you tomorrow.

7. Conversation between an employee and his/her boss.

Здравствуйте, Сергей Вячеславович! Можно войти? Hello Sergey Vyacheslavovich! Can I enter?

Пожалуйста. Yes, certainly.

Спасибо. Thank you.

8. Requesting permission to leave class or a meeting.

Извините , можно выйти? Excuse me, may I leave the room for a moment?


Извините, я выйду ненадолго. Excuse me I have to leave you for a moment.

9. Requesting to make a phone call.

Извините, можно позвонить? Excuse me, may I use your phone?

Пожалуйста. Yes, please.

Спасибо. Thank you.

10. Sometimes you need to apologize.

Извините. Excuse me./ I'm sorry.

Ничего. No problem.

Все нормально. Everything's ok.

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