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Summer is gone. Autumn has come. The season rotation never stops. So I thought it was a good idea to make a lesson about this beautiful season of the year. Autumn is Russian is Осень. Trees have lost their leaves and it started snowing. Days are becoming shorter and nights longer. It is getting colder. The Sun isn't as warm as it used to be...




In this lesson I used some footage I recorded earlier in October at my grandmother's Dacha/ Summer house (in Russian we call it Дача or Сад). It's a great place to spend time during summer months and a great opportunity for the elderly people to engage themselves in some gardening jobs.

For this lesson we'll have to learn some useful phrases :

Осень - autumn
Дерево - a tree
Листья - leaves
Сезон - season
Снег - snow
Дождь - rain
Град - hail
Унылая пора - a sas/ depressing timeУченики - pupils / students
1 сентября - День знаний - 1st of September is the Day of Knowledge

Now go ahead and watch today's lesson on Autumn!




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